Projects & Activities 

                 Calvin East
    W.O.R.D. Literacy Program


            We would like to welcome your group to 
   Detroit on your next mission trip. Although we 
   work in conjunction with Presbyterian Disaster 
   Assistance (PDA), our setup is unique. We 
   house teams in several of our local churches 
   and partner with several experienced project 
   organizations; we want to match your team 
   with the lodging and work that fits you best.

       Your point of first contact is Tom Neal (248) 568-6204. He will answer any questions you might have initially and start things rolling within our Hands-on-Mission Workgroup.

         You can use this button to download a brief questionnaire to help communicate to us about your team and its expectations. Fill it out and return it to Tom Duffield ( and he will begin making plans to host your team.